Strive to offer “boutique” style services
Enabling high value services for competitive fees
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Strive to offer “boutique” style services
Enabling high value services for competitive fees

Many years ago, production of license plates was low-skilled work which could be done with simple tools. The only requirement back then was to have a clear display of license number so that it was easy for law enforcement to perform their duties. As society advances, vehicle owners demand better quality and styles for their license plates. We, as the manufacturer of license plates, should also advance with time.

Traditionally manufacturing process of license plates was a simple process in which the letters and numbers were manually carved out. Therefore, the inconsistency in font and spacing was unavoidable due to the manual process. In addition, there was a lack of choice for font styles. Recently laser printing or inkjet printing were adopted to enable uniform format. However, those techniques also have their

shortcomings. Typically, laser printing and inkjet printing work best on white paper. When used on reflective materials, they will cause obvious distortion of patterns and fonts. The pattern designs only include the honeycomb pattern, fish pattern, lattice pattern, and stripes, which have stayed the same for many years.

Based on numerous trials and verification, our R&D department finally invented a new printing technique for license plate. Its accuracy and coloring are close to 100% to the original design. To develop best fonts and patterns, we hired design experts to search, select, and modify various fonts so that the fonts can be fully shown in an appropriate scale. The pattern design is also extremely challenging. Not all patterns are suitable on license plates. In addition, our designers need to take into consideration whether the reflective material has enough reflective rate so that the license plate is clearly visible. We fully understand that our brand and credibility are built by our accumulative effort. Therefore, we do not lax even a tiny bit in our procurement of materials, quality control, product development, and customer service.

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Karl Bromani 字款型態及質量比較
February 22, 2018

Karl Bromani 字款型態及質量比較


模具鋼材用料 –一般模具鋼材是使用國產P20鋼材,優點是價錢相對便宜及鋼材相對比較軟,易於加工,但模具易耗損,拋光效果較差。而我們選用日本NAK80加硬處理鋼材,硬度高,耐磨,產品線條不易走樣,產品質素高,而價錢是國產P20鋼材的三倍。

產品設計方面 – 我們對模具及產品設計富有經驗,絕對可以設計出型似神不似的產品。我們約略講解一下何為型似神不似的產品,型就是外觀,產品外觀是非常容易模仿。神就是內部結構,簡單的產品內部結構對老板及生產工人而言提供了極大的誘因。產品內部結構越簡單,設計時間及模具做工日數就可以大大縮短,用料方面亦可相對地減少,縮短生產時間及報廢率低。按照目前的生產模式,工人都是以生產件數發工資,多勞多得,生產快,廢品率低,工資就高。多舉個例子,大家就會明白。

“LEGO”積木VS國產”樂X”積木, 有日行過深水埗玩具街就買咗盒國產積木返屋企,但冇耐您就會聽到,”爸爸!!點解個積木咁鬆㗎。”您就馬上支吾以對。哦哦,系咩!” 心諗,好似買股票一樣,又入錯貨。


車牌凸字一般大多使用ABS材料,而ABS材料有新料及番鈔料,新料顧名思義,就是純ABS物料。而番抄料就是碎料及不同顏色的ABS廢料經過加色循環處理。缺點就是易脆,比較啞色及欠光澤,長期在陽光下會有發白及髮絲裂紋等情況。因應產品是用在户外,我們選用針對性防UV 物料,產品更耐用及色澤恆久不變。

產品質量及結構 –我們就兩款字體作了一些比較,就重量來說,以經相差一倍有多,紮實的內部結構可以令到字體邊沿線條清脆利落,絕對沒有拖泥帶水的感覺。

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Standard font 1
September 29, 2017

Standard fonts 1

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Special fonts style
September 29, 2017

Special fonts style 

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Get more information regarding the road traffic regulation

  • Please go click the link from our website, located on right bottom corner - Road Traffic Regulation

How much time it takes if i order the number plate

  • For standard number plate - It takes 15-20 mins 

  • For 3D number plate - It take 30-45 mins 

  • For customs made number plate - Depends on design

  • Order via on-line, number plate would be ready when you arrive our shop.

I would like to have my order shipped to me. However, will the license plate easily get damaged during the shipping process?

  • The cardboard box we use is made of three layers of corrugated paper. Such a sturdy box guarantees your license plate to be intact upon arrival.

Do you provide installation instructions?

  • Yes, we do provide installation instructions. For motorcycles, we will drill the holes at the locations provided by the customer. For some Japanese cars, the distance between the center of screws is always 21cm. Customers only need to provide us the height for the holes. For European and American cars, license plates are typically glued on. We will provide some stickers.

How to measure the position of the holes?

  • Please refer to the diagram. Customers need to provide the distance between the two centers, indicated as distance a on the diagram. The height is indicated as b. The other two sides are symmetric.

I am concerned that I cannot install the license plate if I fail to provide accurate hole positions.

  • The diameter of the screws is 6MM. We will drill a hole of 8MM. The head of the screws is 12MM in diameter. Therefore, the holes will be fully covered by screws. Your license plate will not encounter any unsightly situation.

Do I need many tools to install my license plate?

  • Only basic tools are needed. For motorcycles, a slot head screwdriver and a No. 10 spanner For Japanese cars, a slot head screwdriver For European and American cars, gloves and fish wire


  • For European and American cars, you need to glue the license plate on. If the new license plate is smaller than the old one, it may not fully cover the sticker mark left by the old plate.

  • We use high quality nylon screws. You only need to tighten them during installation. Do not apply excessive force. Otherwise, you might break them.