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For those customers who purchase our license plates, we provide free service to install and uninstall the license plate frame and license plate board. However, customers need to pay attention and accept our service terms:

1.     The old plastic or metal license plate frame as well as license plate board are prone to aging. We do not guarantee them to be intact during installation and uninstallation.

2.     We are not responsible for the car body scratches that might happen in the process of installing and uninstalling the license plate frame and license plate board.

3.     Our service does not include car cleaning or auto beauty.

4.     Before selecting your license plate, please refer to the regulation on how to correctly display the registration number and plate according to the appendix 4 in Cap.374E of the Laws of Hong Kong. We do not guarantee the products we sell meet the legal requirements of the road. Customers are at their own risk.