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Many years ago, production of license plates was low-skilled work which could be done with simple
tools. The only requirement back then was to have a clear display of license number so that it was easy
for law enforcement to perform their duties. As society advances, vehicle owners demand better quality
and styles for their license plates. We, as the manufacturer of license plates, should also advance with

Traditionally manufacturing process of license plates was a simple process in which the letters and
numbers were manually carved out. Therefore, the inconsistency in font and spacing was unavoidable
due to the manual process. In addition, there was a lack of choice for font styles. Recently laser printing
or inkjet printing were adopted to enable uniform format. However, those techniques also have their

shortcomings. Typically, laser printing and inkjet printing work best on white paper. When used on
reflective materials, they will cause obvious distortion of patterns and fonts. The pattern designs only
include the honeycomb pattern, fish pattern, lattice pattern, and stripes, which have stayed the same
for many years.

Based on numerous trials and verification, our R&D department finally invented a new printing
technique for license plate. Its accuracy and coloring are close to 100% to the original design. To develop
best fonts and patterns, we hired design experts to search, select, and modify various fonts so that the
fonts can be fully shown in an appropriate scale. The pattern design is also extremely challenging. Not all
patterns are suitable on license plates. In addition, our designers need to take into consideration
whether the reflective material has enough reflective rate so that the license plate is clearly visible.
We fully understand that our brand and credibility are built by our accumulative effort. Therefore, we do
not lax even a tiny bit in our procurement of materials, quality control, product development, and
customer service.