Concept of Design for British Stereoscopic Font - from Karl Bromani
August 18, 2017

Concept of Design for British Stereoscopic Font - from Karl Bromani

Mr. Karl Bromani, a native of United Kingdom and a Hong Kong resident for more
than thirty years, has been working in advertising design for many years.

I met Mr. Karl Bromani at a friend’s party accidentally. He is very friendly and
talkative. After that we often bump into each other at friends’ parties.
Once in our conversation, Karl mentioned that her mother in UK was still able to
drive every day despite that she was 89 years old. We were all shocked to learn
this. Triggered by that subject, we talked about the British license plate and how
its font differs from that on Hong Kong license plate. I discovered that Karl was
obsessed with fonts on license plate. He has collected license plates with more
than twenty different stereoscopic fonts. There is a license plate shop near his
office that he always visits whenever he has time. Driven by his interest, Karl has
gradually become an expert on license plate as time went by.

Karl learned that I manufacture license plate at a gathering. A month later, he
invited me out to show something to me. He took out his iPad with excitement
and showed me his design of stereoscopic fonts for license plate. In Karl’s design,
not only the font style and size were well taken into consideration, but also all
specific requirements from Transport Department. I was startled. How could he
accomplish all those designs in just a month? It can only be explained by his
obsession with R&D of license plate fonts. I was deeply moved by his passion.

Before I engaged in license plate manufacture, I was in toy design. I understand
the basics of mold making and production. Therefore, I decided to collaborate
with Karl. He will take responsibility in product design and I will be in charge of
production and sales.

As a native from United Kingdom, Karl chose Charles Wright Font as the basis for
his design. The capital letters in this font are elegant, extremely suitable for
headlines and license plates. United Kingdom has been using this font till present.
Karl first adjusted the width of the font to enhance visual effect. In addition, he
redrew the lines so that the newly designed font is slightly rough with sturdy
structure, very suitable to express strength.

According to the regulations on license plates, space between letter and number
cannot be set freely as in a document. Instead, it must meet certain
specifications. Moreover, the space between two letters should be taken into
consideration. Even if the letters are easily recognizable, they would still not be
shown clearly and elegantly if the spacing were not appropriate. This is why Karl
chose Charles Wright font as the basis for his design.

Regarding the mold material, we use special grade steel NAK80 so that the mold
life reaches 500,000 times. That will guarantee the consistency of the plate
appearance and continuity of the lines of characters in addition to the quality of
our products.

We select high quality ABS anti-UV material for our product. This material will not
disintegrate under UV. With this material, the plate will not turn white or brittle,
nor will it crack or have any other issues.

Considering all the above factors, Karl and I have designed the perfect Karl
Bromani series of stereoscopic license plates.

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